About tradewars

I was born in Milwaukee, WI. My Dad took me
to my first ballgame, at County Stadium in ’70-’71. My
favorite player was Tommy Harper. We moved to Texas in ’71. I
was 10. My Dad also took me to my first ballgame in Texas. It
was 1972, the Rangers first year in Texas. We sat in the
bleachers. I was hooked. I became a fanatic in Jr. HS.
Watching or listening to every game, and keeping score of
every game I could. I married my HS sweetheart in 1979. we
have two grown children. One Daughter and One Son. We have
two Grandsons, one from each child. Ages 5 and 3. The
craziness for sports must skip a generation, because my kids
like sports o.k. But, my 5 year old grandson is already a
fanatic, sitting thru his first 9-inning ballgame at the age
of 3.I have worked for the Rangers 3 seperate times. The best
was from 2000-2005. I worked the manual scoreboard in LF. The
radar gun for the Stadium, sitting behind homeplate, and a
couple games upstairs, controlling a part of the Jumbotron
scoreboard. I hope you enjoy my blog. I will not only blog
about the Rangers, but also the league as a whole and at
times, who knows….


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Memorbilia, Music and Movies….