Ron Washington….

new manager of the Texas Rangers is saying all of the right things: "I think this team can win. And I am not preaching anything else.", They can expect us to win some one run ballgames.", "I want fans to see guys out there playing as hard as they can.", "We’re going to play young players.", "All I want to do is give all the players a chance to be what they want to be.I want to give them a chance to fullfil there dreams.", "The material to win is here.", "The expectations are to win. Nothing less.", "The game is all about pressure. This game is all about executing. This game is all about being prepared. I’ll be all of that and my players will be all of that.", "I like my chances to make the playoffs.", "Sometimes when expectations are to high, you just try and reach them. And if you come up short, guess what? You’re still a winner."

Would you have been happy if he had said anything else. Do you expect him to say, I think we will stink this year, maybe finish 3rd in the division and maybe win 60 games. NO. So, I will say this. I like the attitude of Mr. Washington, and if his attitude translates to the players being more relaxed and to be more confident in there game, then I am all for that. I love Johnny Oates, because he was the first and only manager to take the Rangers to the playoffs. If Ron Washington can accomplish that, I will love him too.




    Ron has alot og goals i personaly think that he will get most of them including the WS title


    Just thinking why young John Mayberry, 6’6″, 220 power hitter and centerfielder is not even being moved up to Frisco or OK City to prepare to help the Rangers when they get ready to fight for a playoff spot? vrebhack


    As a former real Yankee fan (Maris, Mantle, Berra era) I really miss seeing the enthusiasm I experienced as a child in NYC. We seem to have the key components in place and a great new manager. Let’s pray for all the right factors to come together about late July, August. Ron was around when Oakland did it so if anyone knows the secrets its him. Let’s go Rangers.

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