League News…

This may be Mark Buehrle’s last year in Chicago. He is a free agent after this season, and GM Ken Williams seems in no hurry to re-sign him.

Milwaukee may move OF Geoff Jenkins back to LF, with Carlos Lee gone.

Mgr. Joe Torre of the NYY, wants to give Bernie Williams a shot at making the team, but GM Cashman is still luke warm to the idea.

SF and Barry Bonds have finally finalized there 1-yr, 15.8 mil deal.

The Rockies and Red Sox have ended trade talks for Todd Helton.

Roger Clemens was at Minute Maid Park yesterday….. as a coach. He was an instructor at Nolan Ryans baseball camp. No hints were given , if he was going to pitch this coming season.

Curt Schilling will pitch in 2008. The free agent to be, hopes to get a deal done with the Red Sox before spring training.

Mariners sign P Jeff Weaver to a 1-yr, 8.35 mil deal, with another mil in incentives.


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