This bothers me….

George Mitchells probe into steroid use in baseball has been going on for over a year. It is not the length of the investigation that bothers me, but what Mr. Mitchell has confronted while doing his investigation. According to SI, Mr. Mitchell has told owners that "many clubs have impeded his investigators by refusing to turn over documents". He has warned that Congress may get involved if this is not resolved. Many teams, stating privacy issues, have been reluctant to turn over player medical records. The players union, has been no better. The union has instructed its players to "consult lawyers, if contacted by Mitchell". Mitchell says that he will soon start interviewing active players. Bud Selig came down on owners for not helping the probe. Stating also that there is no deadline for the probe.

     What bothers me is as much as I love baseball, this investigation into steroids, is needed, but I hate that it will overshadow the game. Lets get this mess cleaned up, and back to strictly baseball.


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    I totally agree. I’m sick of hearing about the steroid scandal…or the steroid era or that everyone in the baseball cheated. Was there no steroids in other sports? Guys in the NBA can jump over houses and are all ripped like body builders and to play in the NFL you have to be over 6 feet tall and weigh 230 but that must all be natural. (lot’s of sarcasm if no one caught it)Let’s go get those pesky baseball players! So it was rampant in the past should we stop them all from the HOF? NO WAY! There will always be cheaters EVERYWHERE you want to look. In any sport, competition or even in many peoples homes. Many people in the HOF cheated in one form or another I’m willing to bet on that! Who cares. Let’s move on. The game is mostly clean now let’s keep it that way and everyone shut up about it.

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