Signings…Before Arbitration

Hou – P Brad Lidge (5.35 mil)

Ana – P Francisco Rodriguez (7 mil)

Oak – OF Milton Bradley (4 mil), INF Marco Scutaro (1.55 mil), P Kiko Calero (1.6 mil)

Atl – P Rafael Soriano (1.2 mil)

Mil – OF Kevin Mench (3.4 mil)

Arz – 2B Orlando Hudson (3.9 mil)

Sea – P Horacio Ramirez (2.65 mil)

Phi – OF Aaron Rowand (4.35 mil)

Pit – P Mike Gonzalez (2.35 mil)

Cin – P Kyle Lohse (4.2 mil)

Col – OF Matt Holliday (4.4 mil), P Rodrigo Lopez (4.325 mil)

Det – OF Craig Monroe (4.775 mil), P Nate Robinson (3.26 mil), p Fernando Rodney (1.05 mil), INF Omar Infante (1.3 mil)

CWS – 3B Joe Crede (4.94 mil)

NYY – P Luis Vizcaino (3 mil)

Players and teams can continue to negotiate until there hearings, that start in February. Only 6 cases went to hearings last year, with the players losing 4.


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