Who would you take….

If you were starting a team today. Who would be your starting first baseman? Mark Teixeira of Texas or Albert Pujols of the Cardinals and why?

Mteixeira Apujols



  1. grade_a_282@yahoo.com

    wow, talk about a no brainer.
    PUJOLS, hands down.

    he has been a rbi threat every single at bat since 2001 when he joined the mlb, he has also made several pushes for the triple crown and i am sure he will get it one year, while tex is basically just a slugger.

    Pujols totals since 03 – 179HR, 501RBI, 780Hits, .338 BA, .429 OBP

    Teixeras totals from 03 – 140 HR, 450 RBI, 661 hits, .282 BA, 364 OBP

    Also, for some reason i assumed Pujols was a little bit older than tex, turns out he is, but only by a few months. so therefore i would say that this isnt even a comparison, pujols is clearly better in every way and will continue to be better for just as long if not longer than tex.

  2. Darren

    Now come on. It is a brainer. Tex has played in all 162 games the past 2 years. He has awesome defense. Nice bat and from what I hear around here. The Rangers should expect to pay MORE than the deal Vernon Wells just signed, if we plan to keep him. WOW. My concern with Pujols is. Is he starting to break down. He has been in the league 2 more years than Tex and was injured last year. The speculation of past steroid use, if he was doing it and not now, means his body will not heal as fast if he continues to get hurt. I MIGHT (not saying I WOULD), take Tex based on longevity..

  3. rangerfan19@msn.com

    I like Tex. Maybe I’m bias maybe not. It’s easy to look at the past and decide who you’d take. I like the GOLD GLOVE DEFENSE. I like the fact Tex is probably the best switch-hitter since Mickey Mantle…yes he’s better than Chipper Jones…. I like the everyday player not one who you hope will be there to carry your team. Pujols is great I’m not arguing that at all but going forward is what the question is about and that is why I take Tex over Pujols. Less risk involved and I still like the comment from Peter Gammons (a guy who knows more about baseball than any of us–probably combined) he said that Tex was the greatest hitter coming out of college that he’s ever seen! WOW what a compliment.

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