Mulder to Cards

My Rangers lose out on another pitcher. The starting rotation worries me a lot. After Millwood and Padilla. We have McCarthy, R. Tejada and ???? I would even question McCarthy and Tejada. They are not proven. Hope Daniels has something up his sleeve for another starter.


  1. Coral

    I’d say don’t get your hopes up too high. I’ll trade you saunders and cash for blalock… everyone’s problems will be solved. But we all know that won’t happen. haha. My blog is (west coast college student….) Let me know what you think about that.

  2. Rob

    Losing out on Mulder will probably work out for Texas. Mulder, who, probably won’t be ready until around the All-Star break suffered his worst season as a professional last year.

    Don’t you feel allot of pitching free-agents are afraid to pitch in Arlington with the way balls fly out of that park?

  3. Darren

    Any SP that decides to come to Texas is a blessing, even if we have to wait on him. But, to somewhat answer your question. Yes, a lot of HR’s fly out of our Ballpark. But is it the Ballpark or is it the pitcher. I believe there are other issues. The heat is unbearable in the summer. If you are not used to it, ouch. The MGR in the past. Buck was not fun to play for. But then $$$ talks. The Rangers have to overpay. Believe me , add another 15 mil to Zito’s deal and he would be here. Money talks for todays player, I really believe that… I am going to do some research on Milwood and Padilla to see how many of there HR’s given up last year were at home…

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