Let me tell you a little bit about the Big Dog and what this blog is going to be about. I live in Texas. My favorite team, who I have been following for 20 + years ,is the Texas Rangers. I also keep an eye on the other Texas team, the Astros. I was born in Milwaukee, so I have an interest in the Brewers and our best friends of over 10 years, now live in St. Louis, so yes, the cardinals. Visted St.Louis last year and saw the "new", Busch Stadium first hand and it is really nice. I want to talk all things baseball. I will shoot an opinion out there and let you comment. Agree or disagree. It doesnt matter, thats what makes it fun. I also have interests in Fantasy sports. and collecting sports memoribilia. And finally, up until last year, I worked the "manual" Scoreboard in left field at the Ballpark in Arlington. Have some fun stories there. Hope you enjoy….


  1. Rob

    Good Luck with your blog. We at the Brewer Nation appreciate you putting up our link on your site and will be happy to display a link back to your site.

    Hang in there. Keep talking baseball. We’ll let you know what we think.

    South Side Rob

    Host of

    PS: Don’t forget to check out the Blogesphere which is a great opportunity to get your site some more exposure…

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